You, Sir!

So here I have taken some basic images on paper of a bag (infamous bag-see other post!) and basically edited them slightly. You can see the colour change in each one. You can use a basic smartphone photo editor that is pre-installed on your phone. This way the photos remain simple to edit and the features on the editing programme become your art tools.


Have a go today with whatever art images you want to take with your phone, perhaps! Edit them and then compare them. It’s a good place to start.

PS my twitter name is You, Sir! This is what I use for my Mexican street artist name.

squeezing a new page out for wordpress

i’m a writer and designer (semi-illustrator)in my spare time.

I have so far nearly completed one children’s book aimed at early-shool-age to teenage kids. It deals with the trade of ‘taxi’ driving, people being consumers, magic and travel. Combined, this educates children in a fun way and is also beautiful in a romantic fashion.



with images galore. ( n.b.i am not published.)

please check back here if you like my stuff darlings

Source: writing a book ( n.b.i am not published.)

edit Feb is almost complete..had some re-organisation after I re-organised. I need to do this because the original was an art college project.

beads on a rose 2o16


this is one of many roses I have created from origami (style)

I first start with the ‘secret’ inner of a rose that is barely seen and roll outwards.  In this version I have used spray paint, cellophane and recycled paper to create the effect of a translucent rose aswell as an outer of green tissue paper.

I would say this goes well on a wall and is not necessarily a wedding-type rose.